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Ask anyone who has ever built a school from scratch and they will tell you that it is not a walk in the park.   It is a very demanding and costly experience, dependent on your approach to the execution of related processes.   

Ignorance of potential and even established school proprietors, shareholders, and administrators directly translates to mediocre and costly decisions and inefficiencies in administration. Lack of proper information has led to many institutions either closing down prematurely or existing to provide inferior services with negative implications for the organizations, the learners, the community, and even future generations.      

Running a school efficiently and successfully is challenging even for the very seasoned administrators.   Imagine then how it is for the inexperienced and unprepared newbies. Shock, frustration, disillusionment, despair, and surrender are just but a few of their possible experiences.

We speak from experience, having operated physical primary and kindergarten schools for over a decade, and therefore a very good appreciation of associated challenges and opportunities. 

Following the COVID 19 outbreak, we elected to discontinue in-person learning at our centers and move our operations online with a concentration on providing practical support services to educators and schools for improved efficiency and productivity in education and knowledge management.

As your partner in education, today we explore some challenges experienced in starting and operating a school and share solid transformative EdTech solutions that we have developed over time to make your work easier, and life better.  The solutions are available to the general public and can be accessed via internet-enabled devices including; mobile phones, tablets, IPads, laptops, or desktop computers.

Start and Run Your Own School Effortlessly

Many people, including the gainfully employed, possess special knowledge and skills which they can teach to help others and better still, earn a livelihood. Their challenge is how to package, reach and deliver their services to the many customers who need them. Many potential investors in education and knowledge management have been forced to shelve or abandon their dreams due to the high financial and resource implications of starting and operating service centers. Additionally, many learning institutions offering traditional in-person learning continue to experience resource-related challenges including financial, human, and material resources, which negatively impact their delivery capacity and quality of service.  

We have the best solution for you that addresses all of the above challenges and more.  An affordable solution that guarantees quality, flexibility, convenience, and global reach, hence growth.

eDarasa is a modern and intuitive platform of international standards developed in Kenya. It adequately supports skills transfer as well as delivery of learning and development curricula, and related objects and is ideal for formal, non-formal, and informal learning.  Diverse courses and services can be provided using eDarasa including; formal education programs, technical skills, soft skills, life skills, and even expert consultancies. 

You can now instantly set up your very own class or school here.

Once registered you can create learning groups, develop and upload content, register participants, schedule and deploy lessons, and manage entire learning processes remotely. The platform has integrated multi-media, monitoring, learning assessment, grading, analysis, certification, and reporting instruments, and interactive engagement tools which enable productive and effective collaboration between the facilitator, participant, and sponsor.  The platform is open for use by schools and the general public.

After setting up you can publicize your school by listing it in the TCEN School Directory, also available on this site, to reach customers. Users are personally responsible for meeting their statutory obligations in respect of their income via eDarasa.

Of note is that in Kenya, anyone who wishes to engage in formal school programs which are regulated and certified by the Ministry of Education (including pre-primary, primary, secondary, and formal tertiary institutions), are required to apply to the Ministry of Education for appropriate registration.  Application to the Ministry of Education for formal registration of a learning center can only be initiated after the physical setup has been done and learning processes operationalized. Inspection of facilities and offerings forms part of the registration process. Comprehensive requirements for formal registration of a physical school are available on the Ministry of Education website. 

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Access Ready-Made Tests or Create Your Own Bespoke Tests in No Time

Developing, administering, marking, and giving feedback on quizzes and exams can be an extremely taxing and time-consuming exercise for educators and schools at the primary school level of basic education. Many have resorted to buying and administering ready-made tests whose content sometimes does not correspond with syllabi coverage.  Purchase of exam papers can also be quite costly, dependent on the needs and size of a school.  

If you are looking to cut down on the high cost of buying/photocopying exams and save on resources like time and labor spent on delivering learning assessment processes, we have the perfect solution for you.   The Quizmaster.

Quizmaster Primary is a database pre-loaded with primary school level questions and answers, and options for downloading or digital testing, automated marking, and grading. Inbuilt system capabilities enable you to access ready-made tests including past national exam papers, or create your own custom tests.  You can also generate reports and give feedback to registered learners on the platform through their personalized dashboards.  

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Simplified Ready-to-Use Lessons Appropriate for Diverse Syllabi

Like many other countries of the world, Kenya has in the past relied heavily on in-person learning. Implementation of Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) saw digital literacy adopted as one of seven core competencies to be developed from the early years of learning. Fast forward to 2020 and the ground shifted significantly following the COVID-19 outbreak which resulted in accelerated uptake of digital/online and distance learning programs across the world. In Africa, most schools were unfortunately forced to suspend learning activities altogether due to unpreparedness in administering remote learning processes. 

In Africa, uptake of online learning by institutions has been slow mainly due to the high cost of acquiring and maintaining online learning environments, and limited access to appropriate devices and the internet. Over time, however, gadgets have become more affordable as has internet access. 

The number of schools embracing online learning is on the rise. A significant number of schools are already offering blended learning services with immense benefits. 

A major challenge for many educators and institutions now remains access to superior, versatile, and yet affordable online learning platforms, and curricula content. 

We have the perfect solution that makes this dilemma a thing of the past. An affordable solution that is open to the general public (schools, teachers, and learners) and can be accessed instantly from anywhere at any time across the globe.  The Eduprop.

Eduprop is a comprehensive learning platform that comes complete with simplified and engaging ready-to-use lessons, learning aids, exercises, and tests. A versatile and unique approach to content presentation provides for instant customization and application for diverse international basic education-level curricula.  Educators only need to select, arrange and timetable the comprehensive stand-alone lessons to match their special syllabi or learning needs.  Inbuilt monitoring, performance tracking, learning assessment and grading tools, stakeholder collaboration, and reporting capabilities facilitate effective delivery and administration of the learning process.

Eduprop is ideal for homeschool, classroom instruction, revision, and remedial programs. It supports both group and individual learning. Personalized learning dashboards enable learners to study from anywhere at their own pace, with or without the support of teachers. 

A comprehensive teachers’ console enables effective teacher support of learners aided by automated workflows, pre-loaded requisites as per curriculum designs, bespoke time-tabling capabilities, multimedia, functional controls, and the capacity to integrate other modern learning technologies and tools. 

A dedicated control board enables parents and sponsors to play an active role in the learner’s education from anywhere at any time.  Parents can follow the learner’s progress, access real-time reports, and engage with teachers on the platform. 

Eduprop will enable you to save on expenses towards books, stationery, and even human resources since the learning solution can be adopted as a suitable alternative or substitute during times of teacher shortage or absence.

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Find a Teacher Near You Instantly

The beginning of any new term is a period that many school owners anticipate with both excitement and dread in equal measure.  This is especially the case for medium and small-sized schools. Elation is borne out of the hope that parents will soon pay school fees which will enable the school to meet its financial obligations.  Unfortunately, it has been long established that many teacher transfers also happen at this time. 

For a school, the loss of a good teacher is nightmarish considering the investment that may have gone into their development and equipment. Many institutions cannot afford the high recruitment agency fees or the prohibitive cost of advertising in digital and print media.  They, consequently, rely on their social media groups for possible referrals, sometimes with negative implications for the school and its stakeholders.

Finding a good teacher from a small selection pool is not easy.  In desperation, many institutions find themselves settling for incompetent teachers. Yet others are forced to incur high relocation fees, change their programs, or bow to unsustainable teacher demands just to manage the teacher absence crisis. Fresh recruitments also mean the employment of already stretched resources towards hiring, training, settling in, and associated adjustments for the school and many of its stakeholders. 

Many competent teachers also remain unemployed because of limited visibility or lack of knowledge of available opportunities near them.  They cannot be found by potential employers including institutions and parents.  Parents too have a hard time finding competent teachers to support their children in various programs.  They are, many a time, forced to settle for and share the services of a few teachers who may be well known but overwhelmed, and who may, unfortunately, charge exorbitant fees for compromised services.  

A good teacher database would make job searches and hiring processes easier and more efficient.  

The Teachers Directory purposes to help schools and parents to locate teachers easily, including narrowing down candidate shortlists based on specific parameters such as location, teaching areas, teaching level, and certification.  

Teachers/trainers/coaches/facilitators and consultants in formal, informal, and non-formal education are all eligible for listing.  

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Publicize your school.  Increase your Visibility and Reach

You have a great school, great facilities, a great performance record, and idle capacity.  You wish to register more learners but finding and attracting them is a big challenge. Parents on the other hand are looking for a great school, just like yours, but do not know about you or have limited information about you.  Some may just have a poor perception of you, more likely based on someone else’s distorted impression of your institution.  

The School Directory is here to bridge the gap by connecting schools with potential learners and other stakeholders in the community.  It provides the opportunity for schools to engage directly with clients, and where applicable, eliminate biases.  As a subscriber, you can share your business profile, contact details, location, pictures, and videos of the school or other publicity material.  You can also link your account to your website and social media accounts. 

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Find Quality Suppliers Near You Easily

More often than not, school purchases are made in bulk to realize the benefits of economies of scale.  Many institutions have fallen prey to unscrupulous suppliers and middlemen whose biggest intention is to maximize profits at the expense of buyers, and yet others who provide inferior products and services knowing that some institutions have limited alternatives. Many buyers are sometimes forced to source products and services from far-off places incurring high shipping charges when there are better and more affordable alternatives close by. This is extremely frustrating for any institution irrespective of size and financial capacity. 

TCEN Supplier Directory is the go-to place for buyers.  It enables them to access a broad range of suppliers with similar product quality and capabilities thereby eliminating the dependency on a single supplier. With a bigger pool of suppliers, institutions can easily locate, compare and qualify suppliers closest to them and negotiate better terms of service to achieve value for money. A 5-star rating functionality has been incorporated where previous customers provide useful information in respect of the supplier’s products and services based on their experiences.  This helps in the decision-making process as it enables potential buyers to easily identify service providers of good standing.

By selling their wares closer to their operation base, suppliers can also benefit from offering their products at fair rates due to the reduced costs of transport and time.

A potential supplier can create an account instantly, update it at any time, share business profiles, location, contact details, pictures, videos, and other publicity material, and link the account to their business website and social media accounts. 

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