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What is QuizMaster?

QuizMaster is an easy-to-use online testing solution that enables the instant generation and administration of tests exclusive to the Kenya 8-4-4 and CBC school curricula. It helps educators to save on time, effort, and material resources needed to develop, administer, mark, prepare reports and give feedback on academic tests at different levels of basic education. 

In-built system capabilities allow users to access ready-made tests and past papers, or create their own custom tests from our question and answer (Q&A) bank with preloaded questions and answers. Different types of tests can be generated on the platform, including multiple-choice and structured tests. Educators have the option to download or administer tests digitally. 

QuizMaster also has automated grading and reporting functionalities that facilitate immediate scoring and prompt feedback to stakeholders.  Subscribers have access to detailed and comprehensive real-time reports, including performance and related trends, through their personalized dashboards.

Successful subscription to QuizMaster is on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to the availability of slots. 

What are the services offered on QuizMaster?

Subscribers have a choice of three subscription packages as follows:

  • Basic: Subscribers at this level can only download ready-made tests.
  • Standard: Subscribers at this level can download ready-made tests as well as marking schemes. They can additionally administer tests to learners digitally through their personalized dashboards. 
  • Premium: Subscribers at this level can download ready-made tests, digitally administer the tests to learners through their personalized dashboards and, additionally, instantly generate their own bespoke tests using our Q&A bank.

What are some of the advantages of QuizMaster?

The benefits of using QuizMaster include:

  • reduced financial costs associated with buying or photocopying and administering exams.
  • savings in time, effort, and material resources required for developing, administering, marking, reporting, and giving feedback on academic tests.
  • convenience, as users can generate tests, preload, and automate them to be made available at specified times.
  • tests can be taken from anywhere at any time.
  • the capability for customization of tests to correspond with syllabi coverage and meet target objectives.
  • Real-time access to individual and group performance reports, in both text and graphic formats.

What is the cost of the subscriptions?

The cost of the subscription packages can be found here.

TCEN Ltd reserves the right to amend subscription fees with due consideration of the prevailing government and market conditions.

QuizMaster subscription fees are exclusive of educator compensation and tax.  Educators are required to set, communicate and collect full fees from their registered customers before securing learner seats on QuizMaster. TCEN Ltd does not take responsibility for any losses occasioned by omissions or overlooked considerations by users.  Users are also individually responsible for meeting any statutory tax obligations in respect of their subscriptions and use of QuizMaster.

Do you offer any discounts on subscriptions?

TCEN Ltd reserves the right to offer discounts on any of its products to individuals or special groups at its discretion. Offers are communicated directly to target customers through email notifications.

How can I generate a custom test?

Only subscribers to the Premium package can generate bespoke tests.  A step-by-step explanation of how to generate a test is available to subscribed members in the system. Subscribers can customize tests according to their needs, with possible considerations including; scope, complexity, type, and quantity of questions. Tests can be created from anywhere at any time depending on user needs. 

How do I administer a test to learners?

Subscribers to Standard and Premium packages can administer tests digitally. Tests can be served directly to learners via their personalized dashboards.  Teachers can prepare and populate timetables in advance, and automate them to be made available to learners at specific predetermined times. Automated time control functionalities ensure that the learners take tests within specified timelines. A step-by-step explanation of how to administer a test is available to subscribed members in the system. Tests can be created at any time depending on user needs. A direct link for the test can also be created and shared via email, or embedded on a website.

Subscribers to the Silver package can only take downloaded tests.  These can be served in person or via available communication networks.

How do I grade tests online?

The approach to grading a test is dependent on the type of question and related instructions. Automated test marking processes facilitate instant grading and analysis of the multiple-choice type of questions. 

Where required, learners can submit additional assignments by uploading them through their personalized dashboards.  A teacher can mark and comment on the uploaded assignments directly using a stylus or similar tool. A teacher can also download assignments for marking and upload graded tests back onto individual learner dashboards.

How does a learner take a test?

A learner can take a test digitally via an internet-enabled device like a mobile phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer. Digital tests are served directly to learners through their personalized dashboards. 

How do learners get their results?

Automated grading and analysis functions enable instant access to detailed and comprehensive test reports. Individuals can access test results in the report section of their dashboards. Learners are able to access and view their results in real-time.

Can I save test results and review them as and when needed?

Yes. Teachers can instantly access detailed test results at both individual student levels and class levels via enabled teacher dashboards. Test results are maintained in the system and can be accessed at any time. Teachers can also drill down for finer details in reports including time spent on each question and the specific questions that a particular learner failed.

Reports can be exported to CSV format in excel for any special formatting needs. 

Can I sell access to my bespoke test?

Yes, you can. Any member who has subscribed to the Premium package can generate custom tests using preloaded questions from Quizmaster’s Q&A bank. The subscriber enjoys exclusive use of the generated test for a limited period of 30 days from the date on which it is created. Upon the lapse of the 30-day grace period of exclusive use the test and all rights to it automatically revert to TCEN, which reserves the right to use the test as it deems fit.

Within the 30-day grace period, you can sell access to your bespoke test, but not through the TCEN Ltd eCommerce platform.  This is because TCEN Ltd does not collect payments on behalf of subscribers. Each subscriber is solely responsible for collecting payment directly from interested customers, and for related statutory obligations including tax.  It is recommended that you collect your payments directly from your customers before releasing a test to avoid related disappointments. 

Which cheat prevention does QuizMaster offer?

You can randomize the order of your questions by selecting different questions from the Quizmaster Q&A bank each time that a test is required. It only takes a few minutes to generate and publish a test. 

Can I create an extra administrator?

Yes, you can create and assign permissions to multiple administrators to help you manage your account.  Permissions include; viewing, editing, assigning tests, grading, communication, and deleting rights. 

Can I upgrade my account?

Yes, you can upgrade your account at any time. A prorated equivalent cost of any unused capacity on the prevailing subscription will be employed towards starting you off at the new desired level.  It will afford you access for a prorated period based on the subscription cost of the new level.  Upon expiry of the prorated period at the new level, you will be required to pay the full subscription fee of the new level for continued service. 

Step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade your subscription are available on the “How To” page. 

Do I get a receipt for my subscriptions?

You can view your subscribed services and access confirmations of payment through your personalized dashboard, under “My Account”.  Note that TCEN Ltd does not process or store any credit card information.


Will I be able to edit and control the personal information on my account?

Yes. TCEN Ltd subscribes to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) guidelines. You can edit your personal information at any time through your personalized dashboard.  You, the subscriber reserves the right to determine the information to share on any of our platforms and take full take responsibility for it.  You will be able to add new information and also edit existing information. You are advised not to share any information that you consider to be sensitive, or that you may not wish to be accessed by other users. You are additionally advised to keep your access credentials including usernames and passwords confidential. As per the Terms of Service, TCEN Ltd does not take responsibility for any information shared on our platforms and accessed by other users, or for errors, omissions, and misinformation shared by you on your account. 

TCEN Ltd also reserves the right to shut down any account that it feels is violating user terms and conditions, is controversial, or has the potential to cause unrest or discomfort to other users without further reference to the account owner. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Any active subscription shall run to the end of its active life. You may cancel your subscription by not renewing it. Note that TCEN Ltd does not give refunds for canceled subscriptions or carry forward unused capacity. You can re-activate canceled subscriptions at any time by logging into your account using your login credentials and subscribing to the desired service.

Which payment options are available to subscribers?

Subscribers can make payments using mobile money transfer or credit card services. You can choose a preferred service provider from the available list of providers offering services in these two areas.  Our transactions are processed via the secure PesaPal payment solution.

Do I need to install any special software on my device to access the service?

No. All you need is a standard web browser on an internet-enabled device.