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What Is A Document Template? 

A document template is a pre-formatted model of a document designed to guide and enable the quick generation of a similar record. It helps to lessen the challenge of developing documents from scratch.

Document templates are especially useful in instances of common and frequently used information. Processes whose ease of execution can be enhanced by adopting the use of document templates include the development and maintenance of stakeholder data and records, operational and functional reports, policies, processes, and correspondences among others. 

You can now instantly download well-prepared editable templates from our Template Bank and quickly format them to suit your unique needs. The templates are simple yet detailed for completeness and ease of application.  

Who Is Eligible For This Service?

This service is open to the general public.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Document Templates?

Appropriately styled, standardized, and clearly defined documentation helps to;

  • project a professional image to stakeholders and the general public
  • simplify processes and lessen the effort applied towards creating new documents from scratch every single time
  • promote the efficient application of resources including time, money, labor, and materials which can be applied to other productive processes
  • foster shared understanding, consistency, and fair application of standards thereby alleviating conflict situations
  • facilitate completeness, and quality of output hence productivity
  • provide clarity, focus, and support attention to detail
  • accelerate delivery of process goals.

Which Categories Of Document Templates Are Available?

Template categories in the TCEN Template Bank include the following: 

  • Checklists which are used as a benchmark or guide to ensure that important actions are not forgotten during implementation and are completed in an organized, logical, and efficient manner.
  • Contracts and agreements which define the parties in a contractual engagement, their rights and obligations, guiding terms and conditions, and the contract execution processes.
  • Forms that can be used for information collection, collation, maintenance, dissemination, and evaluation processes.  
  • Business correspondences which include memos, text and fax messages, and notes. 
  • Policies and processes that encompass rules and regulations, principles and plans of action, and procedures.

The templates are presented in different formats and layouts.

How Often Is The Content Added?

Content is updated on a continuous basis.

What Is The Cost Of A Subscription?

The current cost of a subscription is Kes. 300 only. TCEN Ltd reserves the right to vary the cost and terms of the subscription with due consideration of the prevailing government and market demands.  Prevailing guidelines will be as displayed on the appropriate program pages on this site at any given time.

How Can I Subscribe?

Account opening on TCEN is a one-time-only activity.  If you already hold an account on TCEN, log onto your personal dashboard to subscribe to any of the other programs.

If you do not have an account, start by completing and submitting the registration form on the Dashboard page. Follow the instructions provided at each stage to complete the registration and subscription processes.