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Our Vision

Empowered, engaged, and productive global citizens with a strong sense of responsibility for themselves and the communities they live in.

Our Mission

We purpose to advance literacy and structured knowledge management in communities by providing practical and affordable online solutions that facilitate convenient access to educational opportunities, systems, and resources. 

About Us

Core Values

We are guided by the following principles in our engagement with and management of stakeholders:

  • Innovation: We uphold creativity, dynamism, resourcefulness, and perpetual quality improvement
  • Excellence: We strive to deliver beyond ordinary solutions and customer experiences
  • Responsibility: We foster diligence, respect, and accountability
  • Community: We promote compassion, inclusion, and collaboration.

Our Products

We facilitate various stakeholders in the education industry including learners, teachers, parents, and suppliers. Our product portfolio is designed to offer convenience and create value for our customers.  It includes:

  • eDarasa which comprises bare e-classrooms for hire by individuals, schools, and organizations. It enables instant loading and deployment of subscribers’ own courses. Other system capabilities include monitoring, learning assessment, marking, grading, performance tracking and analysis, stakeholder collaboration, and reporting.  
  • Quizmaster which contains the online testing platform and test bank solutions for learners, schools, and exam suppliers. Capabilities include the instant generation of bespoke tests using preloaded questions and answers, digital administration of tests, automated marking, and download of ready tests.
  • Directories, the online listings for teachersschools, and businesses. They facilitate easy location and access to products and services in the market by providing comprehensive information on sellers, their offerings, and contact details.
  • Elymica, an eLearning platform that supports instant customization and implementation of diverse basic education-level curricula, both local and international. It comes complete with simplified and engaging ready-to-use lessons, monitoring, assessment, and grading tools, stakeholder collaboration, and reporting capabilities. Educators only need to select, arrange and timetable the comprehensive stand-alone lessons to match their special syllabi or learning needs.
  • Templates Bank which bears pre-formatted and editable document templates that guide and facilitate the quick and efficient generation of professional administrative records.

Step into Excellence!