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What is e-Darasa?

eDarasa is an online workspace for the enlightened modern educator.  With eDarasa, educators can now instantly create learning groups (schools or classes), develop, package, and upload learning content, register participants, schedule and deploy lessons, and manage entire learning processes on the platform. Integrated multi-media, monitoring, learning assessment, grading, analysis, certification, and reporting instruments, and interactive engagement tools enable productive and effective collaboration between the facilitator, learner, and sponsor. Personalized learning dashboards enable learners to study from anywhere at their own pace, with or without the support of the teacher dependent on the educator’s program strategy.

Diverse courses and services can be provided using eDarasa including; formal education programs, technical skills, soft skills, life skills, and even expert consultancies. In short, it is ideal for formal, non-formal, and informal learning. 

Who is eligible for the service?

The platform is open for use by anyone who has content that can be disseminated digitally to others for the purpose of learning. Useful talent should not lie latent.  eDarasa platform is open to the general public.  You can register as an individual, school, or organization. 

Do the learners need textbooks?

Unlike Cardinal eSchool which comes with preloaded ready-to-use lessons, this solution comes devoid of content.  Users can save on the cost of training materials and purchasing textbooks and revision resources by creating and using their own comprehensive content and learning aids. Individual educators or schools reserve the right to determine any additional resources to be applied for enhanced learning.

What are the requirements for joining the program? 

To set up your school or classroom, you must have a valid annual subscription which gives you access for twelve months from the date of subscription.  You will also need an internet-enabled device like a mobile phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer.  When you are ready to start lessons, you can secure and allocate slots (learner dashboards) to your participants according to your need.  NB: TCEN policies, products and services terms of use, and country-specific statutory obligations apply.

What is the cost of the service?

Secure your own dedicated space with an administrator dashboard from as low as Kes. 1,999 per year.  This enables you to set up and administer your school/classes. The fee applies to both individual and institution registrations.  The subscription fee for learner slots is Kes. 100 per learner per Month. TCEN Ltd reserves the right to amend subscription fees with due consideration of the prevailing government and market demands.

eDarasa subscription fees are exclusive of educator compensation and tax.  Educators are required to set, communicate and collect full fees from their registered customers before securing learner seats on eDarasa. TCEN Ltd does not take responsibility for any losses occasioned by omissions or overlooked considerations by users.  Users are also individually responsible for meeting any tax obligations in respect of their subscriptions and use of eDarasa.

Why should educators use this product?

  • eDarasa facilitates self-employment to generate income.
  • Automated processes support learner/teacher/parent engagement and collaboration thus improving efficiency and productivity.
  • It is affordable and guarantees quality, flexibility, convenience, scalable capacity, global reach, and growth.
  • It offers a great opportunity to acquire and promote digital literacy among educators, learners, and parents.
  • It provides better opportunities for savings on financial, time, human, and material investment in learning and related processes compared to traditional in-person education.
  • It supports the decongestion of schools as it can be accessed instantly from anywhere, at any time.
  • Educators can also publicize their offerings on the same website in the appropriate directories.

What is the subscription process?

The subscription process is fully automated. Account opening on TCEN is centralized and is one-time-only activity.  Subscription can be completed in the following easy steps. 

  • Register here
  • Select ‘Create account’ then ‘Register’.
  • Complete process forms for selected services.
  • Make related payment through any of the listed service providers.

You will receive a confirmation message upon successful completion of the registration process. Once registered, you can log into your environment at the same URL with assigned credentials. You can also subscribe to any of our other products and services from your personal dashboard by completing appropriate forms and making related payments.

How much time does it take to complete the registration process?

Registrations are received and processed on a first come first served basis, hence are subject to the availability of slots.  Under normal circumstances, we endeavor to complete the registration processes within 72 hours of receipt of the complete application.