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What is ELYMICA?

Elymica is an eLearning platform that supports instant implementation of local Kenyan and international basic education-level curricula. It comes complete with simplified and engaging ready-to-use lessons, exercises, and tests.

Educators only need to select, arrange and timetable the comprehensive stand-alone lessons to match their special syllabi or learning needs.

Inbuilt monitoring, performance tracking, learning assessment and grading tools, stakeholder collaboration, and reporting capabilities facilitate effective delivery and administration of the learning process. 

Elymica is ideal for homeschool, classroom instruction, revision, and remedial programs. Personalized learning dashboards enable learners to study from anywhere at their own pace, with or without the support of teachers.  Access is via internet-enabled devices including mobile phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, or desktop computers.

A dedicated control board enables parents and sponsors to play an active role in the learner’s education from anywhere at any time.  Parents can follow the learner’s progress, access real-time reports, and engage with teachers on the platform.

A comprehensive teachers’ console enables effective teacher support of individual learners and groups aided by automated workflows.  Preloaded requisites as per curriculum designs, bespoke time-tabling capabilities, multimedia, functional controls, and capacity to integrate other

modern learning technologies and tools all enable efficient and productive delivery of the learning process.

Schools can use the solution as a suitable alternative or substitute during times of teacher shortage or absence.

What are some of the advantages of using Elymica?

  • It is affordable, and intuitive and guarantees a superior, fun, and engaging education.
  • It is open to the general public and can be accessed instantly from anywhere at any time.
  • Wide range of subscription options and provision for user-customized subscriptions.
  • Users only pay for what they need when they need it.
  • It offers the options of self-study or access to teacher-supported individual/group classes.
  • Automated processes support efficient and productive learner/parent/teacher engagement and collaboration
  • It facilitates savings on different resources including time, material and human resources.
  • The versatile and unique approach to presentation of content enables instant customization and use for other bespoke syllabi
  • It offers a great opportunity to acquire and promote digital literacy among learners, parents and educators.

What courses does elymica offer?

Our solution supports the delivery of basic education-level subjects.  Educators can instantly select and arrange the lessons to suit different syllabi or timetables as per user needs.

Are the programs available internationally?

Yes.  You can register, pay for and take lessons and tests at any time from any location around the world via an internet-enabled computer and/or digital device including mobile phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer.

How do I subscribe to a course?

The subscription process is fully automated. Account opening on TCEN Ltd is centralized and is a one-time-only activity. You can register as a learner, teacher, or parent. Subscription for Elymica can be completed in the following easy steps:

  • Sign up here
  • Select your preferred subscription i.e. Learner, School, or Teacher.
  • Complete the process forms for the selected service as guided by the system.
  • Make related payments through any of the available service providers.

You will receive a confirmation message upon successful completion of the registration process. Once registered, you can log into your environment.  You can also subscribe to any of our other products and services from your personal dashboard by completing appropriate forms and making related payments.

What is the language of instruction?

The main language of instruction for our courses is English.  Kiswahili may be used where necessary.

What is the pricing of courses at Elymica?

Price is dependent on the desired product and its access provisions. Specific pricing is as defined on the product home page. 

TCEN Ltd reserves the right to amend subscription fees with due consideration of the prevailing government and market conditions.

Elymica subscription fees are exclusive of educator compensation and tax.  Educators who are supporting learners are required to set, communicate and collect full fees from their registered customers before securing learner seats on Elymica.

TCEN Ltd does not take responsibility for any losses occasioned by omissions or overlooked considerations by users. Users are also individually responsible for meeting any statutory tax obligations in respect of their subscriptions and use of Elymica.

The fee once paid is not refundable. Users are therefore reminded to consider available options carefully before making a payment.

Do you offer any discounts on subscriptions?

TCEN Ltd reserves the right to offer discounts on any of its products to individuals or special groups at its discretion. Offers are communicated directly to target customers through integrated notification tools.

When do courses begin and end?

Courses begin on subscription and run for the stipulated duration of the subscribed service. The user makes the choice of when the course begins and ends.

How do the courses work?

Lessons are taken through personalized learning dashboards and are accessible by learners through internet-enabled devices including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Learners can study from anywhere at their own pace, with or without the support of teachers.

Content is delivered using diverse methods including; syllabi notes, audio-visual processes, projects, assignments, and tests. 

A high pass mark helps to ensure that the learner puts adequate effort and time towards understanding the subject matter. In-built monitoring instruments enable the teachers and sponsors to follow learner engagement, progress, and performance in real-time. 

In the case of self-study, individual learners are responsible for planning and executing their own timetables. 

For teacher-supported learning, the teacher can prepare and populate timetables and serve lessons directly to learners on their personal dashboards.  Timetables can be preloaded and made available on due dates through automated processes.  The learner is required to complete lessons within stipulated timelines. 

Sponsors can register for access to the teacher’s dashboard to facilitate comprehensive support of the learner.