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eLearning Instant School and Schooling Platforms.

Hire bare or equipped online classrooms and instantly deploy courses. Learn conveniently with or without teacher support.

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Elymica Dashboard Kshs. 1200

Quarterly Subscription plus Kshs. 15 per lesson

Elearning Platform with ready lessons for diverse curricula

Superior education with or without a teacher’s support
Simplified ready-to-use lessons and fun learning aids
Instant timetabling of lessons for different syllabi
Pre-loaded exercises and assignments
Automated test taking and marking
Integrated alert and notification tools
In-built tracking and monitoring of learning
Learning evaluation reports and transcripts in real-time
Stakeholder collaboration forums and structures
Ideal for both formal and home schooling.
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eDarasa Workspace Kshs. 1999 p/a

Plus Kshs. 100 per extra seat monthly

Bare eLearning workspace for hire by institutions and trainers

Instantly set up a virtual class or school
Create and deploy your digital courses
Register learners and teachers
Timetable and execute lessons
Activate alert and notification tools
Administer and grade assignments and tests
Track, monitor and analyze learner performance
Generate transcripts and reports in real-time
Maximize stakeholder collaboration forums and structures
Ideal for both formal and informal training.
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