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TCDN Online School




Purpose. Achieve. Grow.

TCDN Online School offers high quality and flexible distance learning and homeschooling programs for learners at basic levels of education at affordable rates.  We facilitate and empower the youth to exploit their existing strengths, discover and optimize their talents and to acquire and ably apply new competencies.

We offer value, convenience and growth. 

Our carefully and consciously selected courses encompass basic education school curricula as well as personal growth and development programs. 

From comfort of their homes, learners are able to get a broad range of educational services which include facilitated and interactive online classes and access to numerous learning and development resources.

Don’t be satisfied with lurking. Register now for a TCDN program and start off on a wonderful journey of self-discovery and growth.  Of developing the important values of independence, responsibility, resourcefulness, motivation, planning and community.  Of writing your own success story!

Not sure where to begin?  We’ve got you covered.  Click on the link below to start the registration process!